Troubleshooting PIN Access issues


Student PIN

Students have two PIN codes associated with our core Student Management System (SMS)
  • Global PIN - assigned and released to students by our office of Admission and Registration (OAR). Used for
  • Quarterly PIN / Quarterly Registration Number - assigned by OAR and typically released to students by their advisor. Used only for quarterly registration activities.

Employee PIN

Assigned and released by the Payroll department.
Disabled PIN Report (Tech Services only, shows employees with disabled PIN.)

Troubleshooting scenarios.

Student cannot access resource secured by their global PIN from MyWWCC.
1. First verify that the student knows their SID and Global PIN by:
Having them manually log into a global PIN secured application from outside MyWWCC.
The unoffical transcript application is good for this purpose.(
If the student cannot login to this application there should generally be an error or they most likely do not correctly know their SID and PIN and need to be referred to the OAR office.

2. If the student can successfully login via this method. Then there may be a problem with the saved PIN within MyWWCC. On the home area of MyWWCC there is a link "Manage Logins". On the manage logins page there there is an SID section where the student can save their Golobal PIN so that MyWWCC can pass it automatically to many different applications eliminiating the manual login.
have the student save their PIN again and retry the login.

If it does not work have them try to save their PIN again. Outages of services accessed by the student global PIN are very infrequent.

Employee cannot access resources secured by their employee PIN through CCNET
1. Verify the employee knows their employee SID and PIN.
NOTE: in the past an employee's ID was their SSN and unfortunately some of our systems still accept SSN + PIN. It can be helpful to confirm that they are not attempting to use their SSN and to use their SID instead. This provides less exposure of their SSN and is the best practice anyway.
Employee who do not know their PIN codes need to be referred to the Payroll department.
An employee PIN may become disabled after enough failed attempts use the Disabled PIN Report in the Overview section to check.